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Swiss was the first lens in India to be advertised. Swiss has since risen to become the largest selling brand in the country. Every Swiss Lens is carefully crafted with unique state-of-the-art Precision Technology – each and every pair of lenses is customised to cater to individual eyewear needs. Whether you are looking for single vision lenses, progressive lenses or lenses with special protection functions, Swiss Lenses are all about the Right Product with the Right Quality at the Right Price and Right Time.

Intelligent lenses that stretch the current boundaries in optics, taking features like enhancement of all around perception, larger binocular fields of vision and correction of prescription aberrations to a much more defined and exact level. Combining a high standard of perceptive intelligence, these lenses can eliminate most aberrations, refine vision and improve surround cognition to give the wearer a seamless comfort that has never been experienced before. Speak to your Eye Care Practitioner today and invite intelligent vision into your life.

Lenses from Revo have revolutionized the eyewear market in our country. These lenses are exceptional in quality and are available at affordable prices. They provide a wide range of stock lenses. These products include

  • Single Vision
  • UV 420 protection
  • Photochromatic
  • Digital freeform