Mr. Mahendra Gupta
Mr. Mahendra Gupta Chairman & Managing Director
A B.E from Banaras university and a veteran in the ophthalmic lens industry and trade for more than 50 years. He is the founding chairman of the company and is actively involved in growth and new business development.

Mr. Shobit Gupta
Mr. Shobit GuptaDirector
A Mech. Engg, From Malviya Engg. College, Jaipur. He brings over 25 years of industry experience. He looks after all the commercial functions of the group. An astute professional, he travels extensively to stay connected with the latest in the industry. He deeply understands the pulse of the consumer and the market.
Mr. Neeraj Gupta
Mr. Neeraj GuptaDirector
A B.E. from NIT, he brings in over 23 years of industry experience. A quick thinking and knowledgeable professional, he currently manages all administrative functions and is responsible for smooth day-to-day operations of the group.